Focus on you.

Indivior is a global specialty pharmaceutical company working to change patient lives by developing medicines to treat addiction and serious mental health illnesses.

The medications Indivior provides play an essential role in treating opioid use disorder and addressing the opioid crisis.

Patient needs inspire us.

At the heart of Indivior is an unwavering commitment to support the patient journey to treatment and recovery, enable access to effective treatment, and provide education, new scientific understanding, and knowledge to the treatment community.

From the beginning, we have worked hard to destigmatize opioid use disorder by advocating for that opioid use disorder to be recognized as a treatable medical condition, and not a moral failing.

We have an unrivaled track record for developing innovative medicines to treat opioid addiction.

Our Vision is that all patients around the world will have access to evidence-based treatment for the chronic conditions and co-occurring disorders of addiction.


Updates on the Department of Justice Action

Get updates and information on Indivior’s ongoing response to the recent action by the U.S. Department of Justice and learn about the company’s unwavering commitment to patients, doctors, and communities fighting opioid addiction.

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