Executive Committees

Executive Committee

Under specific delegation from the Board, the Chief Executive Officer has power to authorize expenditure on behalf of Indivior in the ordinary course of business, to acquire and dispose of businesses subject to limits set by the Board and to instigate legal proceedings.  The full delegated authority can be found here: Powers Delegated to the CEO.

Included in the delegated authority of the Chief Executive Officer is the power to delegate the day-to-day running of the business to the Executive Committee, to which the Chief Executive Officer also has the power to control appointments.  Executive Committee member biographies can be found here: Executive Committee.

Disclosure Committee

We have a Disclosure Committee, consisting of members of management, which is responsible for monitoring the existence of inside information and its disclosure to the market.

Our disclosure policy requires officers and employees to keep the Disclosure Committee fully informed of information that may constitute “inside information”.  Upon receipt of that information, the Disclosure Committee will make a prompt determination as to whether or not such information actually constitutes “inside information” and, accordingly, the means by which such information will be disclosed (and whether there are any valid reasons for delaying disclosure or not).

Overall responsibility for compliance with our disclosure obligations rests with the Board.  Where appropriate, the members of the Disclosure Committee will decide to refer particular disclosure issues to the Board for its consideration.