Policies and approach

The Group has a variety of employment policies that provide a framework to ensure that it is an employer of choice and that it provides a fair, equitable and conducive working environment free from discrimination and harassment.

Its policy documents and Code of Conduct also contain commitments to support the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the provisions of the International Labour Organization Declaration (which embraces free and collective bargaining and organized worker representation and prohibits the use of forced or child labor).

Key policy documents include a diversity and inclusion policy, a flexible working policy, harassment and grievance policies. The Group has, in line with UK reporting requirements, published a statement on its website outlining its approach to addressing slavery. The Group’s employment policies also commit Indivior to supporting relevant local initiatives such as the Living Wage Foundation in the UK (which calculates a minimum wage rate based on the average cost of living). They also state that the Group seeks to employ, wherever practicable, people from local communities to support those who may find it difficult to find employment.

Management Systems

The Group’s adherence, systems development, recruitment and management of employee training and development occur in partnership with other business areas, such as corporate compliance.

Indivior’s employees consciously live by the Guiding Principles, and management and employees embed and maintain the Group’s culture through the following mechanisms:

  • Annual global survey: Management conducts an annual global survey to assess the Group’s culture and identify opportunities for enhancement. These strong and improving results surpass external benchmarks.
  • Culture champions: Designated employees act as ambassadors and create opportunities for employee engagement, as well as informally assessing where the culture is working well and where attention is needed.
  • Performance reviews: Annual performance reviews emphasize both what business results were achieved and how behaviors and actions were aligned with Indivior’s Guiding Principles.
  • Leadership development: Leadership development programs focus on specific competencies to cultivate coaching skills that foster growth through the Guiding Principles.
  • New employee orientation: New employees must complete an online culture training within the first two months and attend a full-day culture workshop.
  • International Women in Leadership (IWIL): Program supporting diversity in leadership.
Workforce information

At the end of 2017, the Group employed 1,023 people (559 female and 464 male). 673 employees were based in North America. Employee headcount by job function is supplied below:

General management/support