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Indivior Co-Sponsors Nature Outlook Supplement to Raise Awareness of Latest Research in Addiction and Available Treatments

The opioid dependence and addiction epidemic remain at the forefront of our nation’s dialogue. As Indivior, we consistently work to identify opportunities to help elevate scientifically accurate, balanced information about the chronic disease of opioid dependence and available treatment options.  As part of these efforts, we are pleased to announce our co-sponsorship of Nature Outlook: Addiction, a supplement published in the June 25, 2015 issue of Nature.

“Indivior PLC recognizes opioid dependence and other types of addiction have reached epidemic proportions on a national level,” said Christian Heidbreder, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Indivior PLC. “We are energized that Nature, shares in our commitment to elevating awareness of these chronic diseases and increasing access to the latest, cutting edge and scientifically accurate research and editorial in the field.”


To access the supplement online, please visit www.nature.com/nature/outlook/addiction or click on the image above.